Thursday, August 1, 2013

I love you but (*conditions apply)

"I love you a lot but...", this is a statement that we've all come across more than often in our limited lifetime.

I love you a lot but don't you think you need to work on your dressing sense? I love you a lot but I really don't like your weird friends. I love you a lot but you can't really go out with me dressed like that. And the epic, I love you but please get a nose job, my family wouldn't want to see me going out with a person who has a crooked nose.

I thought love meant accepting the person as they were instead of trying to shape them according to our requirements. I thought love was the magic which brought out the best in us and the best of us. Do we tell our parents or siblings that they should make certain changes in their personality to qualify for our love? Do we tell our friends that they need to change their dress code in order to look good while walking by our side?

Love, such a beautiful melodious expression has lost it's gleam in these times... For me Love has always been unconditional, beautiful, magical... But I've started wondering now, is the expression "I love you but (*conditions apply)" inevitable? I hope not, for I'd still love to believe in the magic of unconditional love...

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