Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wikimapia- misguided threat perception has successfully cornered a lot of desired publicity by it being presented as a threat to national security. If at all it is a threat to security, it is so for the terrorists as well as all the anti-terrorist governments. Utility of is as much as from a terrorist’s point of view. Moreover security of all countries is threatened uniformly

The governments world over, however, are likely to seize this opportunity to impose censorship on the web, which has emerged as the ultimate tool in the individuals struggle for right to information.

Any governmental attempt to restrict individual right to information is invariably intended to cover its own incompetence, inefficiency, corruption and indifference to the well being of citizens.

A cross section of Indian media is presenting this as a threat to national security. Has any other country/ government perceived it as a threat to security? The answer is a categorical NO. Then why this sudden hue and cry when is about to celebrate its first anniversary?

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