Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TRUMPing Rage

I’m aware that I’m kind of late, almost at snail pace in coming up with this piece. But All these days, I was trying to process the events taking place and my initial impulsive reactions.

Friends in the US of A, sounded concerned when the night of Nov 8th, and needless to say we all shared their concern as citizens of one global village. Someone started an online petition, to convince the electoral college to reverse the decision of US citizens.

I first reaction was “Wow! Is that even possible? Why don’t we have that in India?” And yet, after much after thought I realized how much I disagree. Well, to begin with, electoral college in this case holds the position as that of a responsible parent. The parent who’s supposed to step in and sort all the problems caused by their child, who happens to be the collective majority of the United States. Much like our own Salman Khan’s father, ever so willing to apologise for his son’s stupid statements and actions.

Whether we like him or not, as much as we detest him personally, we really need to realise and accept the fact that Trump is now the president elect of USA. And as long as he hasn’t resorted to criminal and/or illegal methods to win the polls, the electoral college should ideally not reverse this decision. Good, bad or ugly, a mistake or the right decision, the majority of US decided to elect him, and they must have a taste of what it really is.

For all we know he might just prove to be a good president. If not, there will be polls in four years’ time to fix this mistake. But stepping in of electoral college, to salvage the situation would never help the adults learn a valuable lesson.

As for the hypocrisy of this situation, the same people, who were in support of Hillary Clinton for being a woman running for elections, are now shaming Melania Trump for her career as a model. What has anyone got to do with the fact that she was a bikini model? And if we do have to share facts about her, then why not share the fact that she fluently speaks six languages? Or are really living in times of #SelectiveTolerance?

The term democracy by its very meaning is that the people elect their representative from time-to-time. Any attempt to twist that would cause a state of anarchism, in addition to the assurance that people can make any error or judgement whatsoever and Mommy would come to their rescue.

Think about it! Maybe it’s time to swallow that hypocrisy and pride, and learn the lesson.

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